In Memory of Charlotte Mc Farland

Dear Friends Loved by Charlotte!

In case you have not heard, our mom, Charlotte McFarland, passed away on Sunday afternoon,​ February​ 12. She went peacefully. Dad and Steve were at her side.

The current directors of Spade are planning for a tribute to Mom on the Spade campus. There’s a lovely one room, historic brick building on the Spade property that is going to be restored as “Charlotte’s Cottage” and used in a way that reflects her loving and joyful spirit. Remembrance donations for this restoration would be a wonderful way to honor the legacy of this amazing woman.

Donations for “Charlotte’s Cottage” can be made to “SPADE” and designated for Charlotte​.
Spade International
9077 Steinsville Rd.
Kempton, PA 19529​ ​

T​o write to :

Howard McFarland
c/o Richard and Becky Caldwell
3536 Shady Rock Road
Colorado Springs, CO 80920

We want everyone who loved Charlotte to know this news. Please pass it along!!

Thank you!
The McFarland “kids” – Beth, Becky, Steve, Tim and Lois